The Asymmetric Impact

Through our cutting-edge research and embedded approach to security engineering, Asymmetric Research is ready to partner with your team, on any chain, to solve some of the hardest security challenges on the planet.

Your Security. Our Expertise.

We maintain deep expertise and a proven track record in many different ecosystems including, but not limited to:







Security Research

Enabling Secure Decentralization

Part of Asymmetric’s proactive approach lies in our potent research capacity. We’re able to use this research capacity to protect web3 communities from existential threats via high-trust coordinated disclosure processes. To date, Asymmetric’s research discoveries and responsible disclosure efforts have resulted in over $5B+ in potential loss avoidances.


Security Engineering

Outcomes Over Output

Asymmetric Research provides maximum value to partners by embedding our security experts within your group of core contributors. Unlike strict audit engagements, our deep partnership allows your team to focus on your product while we uplevel your entire security program.


Incident Response

Not If, But When

Every project has a worst day, and we’re often asked to join war rooms when that worst day materializes and a trusted advisor is required. Our goal is simple; to help you quickly reach containment and methodically guide your team through the recovery process.


in assets recovered in 2023 alone


years of combined team industry experience and connections


coverage (incident commandeering, log analysis, on/off chain sleuthing, negotiations, and more)


Blockchain Validation

High-Trust Infrastructure

Validation is essential to the security of any blockchain by maintaining the integrity of a decentralized ledger. We offer high-integrity validation and infrastructure services for ecosystems in which we are already deeply embedded, including – but not limited to – Solana, Aptos, Sui, Pyth, and Berachain.

Please contact us to discuss validation or infrastructure service opportunities for your ecosystem!

"The team at Asymmetric Research is the team you want in your corner to rely on for everything related to keeping your protocol secure. AR is reliable, trustworthy, level-headed, and experienced. They have assembled what is likely the #1 security team in the industry and have unparalleled experience in both Web2 and Web3. I recommend them to anyone in crypto looking to keep their protocol and users safe."

Dan Reecer

Chief Operating Officer


Wormhole Foundation

"Asymmetric Research embodies the term 'industry-leading' when it comes to web3 security. They have seamlessly integrated into every facet of the Wormhole protocol, upholding high standards across incident response, research, engineering, and audits. The team takes a proactive approach to security and ensures that Wormhole remains at the forefront of web3 security advancements. Asymmetric Research is critical to the success of the protocol."

Robinson Burkey

Chief Commercial Officer


Wormhole Foundation

“Asymmetric Research is a top-notch team drawing from deep knowledge of smart contract security, operational best practices, and incident response. They’re extremely seasoned bug hunters, but their holistic view of security covers so much more than just code. We have seen the team be invaluable to both Jump and others across the industry over the past few years and we're excited to continue working with them.”

Simon Johansen

Chief Operating Officer


Jump Crypto

"Asymmetric are a terrific team of security engineers with a wide variety of skills. They’ve helped support Euler in war room recovery efforts, overall project security management, and even scoping out new security engineers during the hiring process."

Michael Bentley

Chief Executive Officer



"The team at Asymmetric Research has always been an exceptionally valuable partner in improving our platform and product. We are thrilled to continue to work with them to serve the most reputable and security-minded projects in web3."

Mitchell Amador

Chief Executive Officer



"The security services provided by Asymmetric Research were very helpful in our Elastic Exploit investigation. They went above and beyond to get us important information we needed, and they continue to be very proactive, responsive, and helpful.”

Victor Tran

Chief Executive Officer



"Asymmetric Research is a critical security partner to Wormhole and has some of the strongest security talent in the space. They apply a holistic view of security and have drastically evolved the entire security lifecycle of Wormhole, from coding best practices to defense-in-depth product features to its bug bounty program. Wormhole Labs looks forward to continuing our strong relationship with Asymmetric Research and maintaining Wormhole's core protocol together."

Tony Jin

Chief Technology Officer


Wormhole Labs

"We’ve worked with Asymmetric Research on all aspects of protocol security. They take the time to understand what we need and can solve any problem we throw at them — whether we need a bug bounty program, an audit, or a crisis response, I know we can count on Asymmetric Research."

Jayant Krishnamurthy

Chief Technology Officer


Douro Labs